Welcome to GVCC

The Green Valley Community Chorus is composed of approximately 80 enthusiastic voices from the Southern Arizona communities of and around Green Valley.

Our mission for over 40 years has been to promote the Arts in our community by entertaining, educating, and delighting our audiences through our performances of great choral music, both sacred and secular. We further endeavor to serve our community by providing grant money to local elementary and high school music programs, and awarding scholarships to talented doctoral students in the Choral Conducting program at the University of Arizona, and our relationship with the University provides us talented, enthusiastic directors to enhance their education and experience, and bring out the best of our Chorus.

We undertake this mission with enthusiasm, commitment and joy, and are delighted to be singing in fellowship with each other as we share our love of music with our community.

As of May 2014, the Chorus has entered into partnership with the University of Arizona to allow highly talented doctoral candidates in Choral Conducting refine their skills and broaden their experience by serving as Music Director of the Chorus during their doctoral studies. This partnership has been a win-win for our chorus, our audiences, and the University’s Choral Conducting program.

Interested in Singing with us?

We are delighted to have new singers join us for our Winter or Spring concerts after singing with us during the first rehearsal of the season and also auditioning on that same day following rehearsal.  Singing with our group prior to an audition provides the new singer with the opportunity to get a feel for the music that will be performed and helps confirm a new singer’s interest in auditioning and possibly joining our group.  The audition held is a very simple one which basically consists of matching pitch and having the director confirm your voice part.  The director may also ask for a sight-reading ability demonstration.  Once one has successfully auditioned, there is a fee paid by all singers of $50 each term which goes toward paying for music.  Our rehearsals are generally on Monday afternoons which run over a two month cycle prior to each concert.  Each concert is performed twice, on a Monday evening and Tuesday afternoon.  Additional rehearsals may be required as determined by the director prior to concert.  Singers are allowed two absences per term with a third allowed with the director’s permission.  During the Winter and Spring, men are required to wear black tuxedos in concert. Ladies are required to purchase a concert dress for wear at Winter and Spring concerts also which runs about $125.00.  We are pleased to announce that auditions for our December 2021 concert will be held on Monday, October 4, 2021 at the Community Performing Arts Center (CPAC) Rehearsal Room, the address is 1250 Continental Rd., in Green Valley.  Important!  Proof of Covid 19 vaccination is required to participate and the wearing of masks will be required for all rehearsals.  Mask wearing for concert performances continues to be evaluated and will be determined by our Board of Directors prior to concert performance dates.  If interested in joining us on audition day, please plan to arrive by 1PM to sign up and join us for our first rehearsal.  Auditions will begin shortly after 4PM after rehearsal, usually completing well before 6PM.    Thank you for your interest in joining the Green Valley Community Chorus!

The Green Valley Community Chorus is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your tax-deductible contributions sent to the address below are greatly appreciated.

P.O. Box 391 · Green Valley, AZ  85622

Thank you for your help in keeping the Santa Cruz Valley beautiful…musically!